Jane Walsh

Development Manager

Jane started her fundraising career unofficially at age 10 when she organized a two-day outdoor carnival in her neighborhood for a Citizenship fund. This resulted in newspaper publicity for her and her friends and a visit from the city’s mayor and philanthropists to present the funds raised.

She initially pursued a career in public service, but while attending an MBA program decided to use her fund-raising skills on behalf of many worthwhile non-profits and educational institutions in Massachusetts.

Jane has worked steadily to help more than a dozen worthy non-profit organizations raise millions of dollars and recruit long term donors and trustees. Some of the educational institutions and non-profit organizations that Jane has worked for in Massachusetts are the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, Lasell College, UMASS Boston, Julie’s Family Learning Program and CISCRP, among others.

In her free time, Jane loves to exercise, do yoga, read, listen to music, visit the ocean and enjoy the company of others.