Choral Skills for Adults

Choral Skills for Adults

Age: Adults

Cost: $255 per semester + $20 registration fee

You love singing with your choir, but when it gets closer to the performance, you aren’t totally sure of measures #202-240. You try to mouth the words without actually singing, straining to hear what the other altos are doing. Hopefully no one will hear you make a mistake.

Sure, it’s easy to hide in a choir, but wouldn’t it feel great to stop faking those tricky sections and go into rehearsals with confidence instead?

The Choral Skills for Adults class is a judgment-free and fun way to keep improving your vocal and chorus skills outside of regular rehearsals. We’ll start with some easy warm-ups to increase your vocal range and flexibility, then build on the skills you already know – ear-training, sight-singing, and basic music theory. At the end of class, we’ll sing through songs together ranging from simple hymns to complex choral arrangements with multiple parts. You won’t have to perform, but when you take the simple assessment at the end of the semester, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve progressed!

The next time you get to measure #202, the altos on your left and right will be asking you for help instead.

Interested? Please contact the Registrar at 617-484-5750 to ask about upcoming sessions.

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