Junior Chorus

Age: Ages 7 and up

Cost: $255 per semester + $20 registration fee

Audition Required

Your young singer has learned the basics and is ready for a new challenge!

Our Junior Chorus is for enthusiastic and dedicated singers who really want to grow vocally and gain some experience with both classical and contemporary repertoire. Our chorus is geared towards students who are serious about working hard, attending all classes, and practicing at home, but want to have fun along the way!

She’ll learn good vocal techniques and musicianship skills like ear-training and sight-reading. We’ll dive into challenging pieces in unison and in two and three-part harmony. And she’ll have an opportunity to sing a solo in an end-of-semester performance to showcase her hard work.


Placement Audition

Ready to start singing?

We ask all interested students to schedule an informal placement audition for Junior Chorus. The audition will be no problem for students who come prepared.

Interested students should be ready to sing a major and minor scale, to hold a major or minor third against a root note, to perform several rhythm sequences, and to sing a short excerpt from a song of their choosing.

To set up your child’s audition, please fill out our online Inquiry Form and mark that you’re interested in chorus:

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