Piano Partners

Piano Partners

Age: Ages 7-9

Cost: $550 ($520 tuition, $30 materials fee) + $20 registration fee

Taking piano lessons with partners is a fun way to learn piano! This group piano class, designed for 2-5 students, is a great choice for young students who are ready to begin learning without parent participation, and to help them decide if piano is the right instrument before starting private lessons. Children will learn a repertoire of 10 songs in several keys, both major and minor, through a process of singing and playing, movement, notation games, drumming and much more. The book comes with 2 recordings: one for listening, one for practicing, which are available on CD or mp3 download.

How long do we stay in the program?

At this time we are offering a two-year program for Keys for Kids and Piano Partners.

Each semester students will go on to the next level. At any point, students can switch to private lessons or continue in the group.

If you enter Piano Partners at Piano Partners 1, the progression is:

Piano Partners 1,  Piano Partners 2, Piano Partners 3,  Piano Partners 4

Still have questions?

Piano Partners 2

Schedule: Saturdays 1:45-2:45 PM

Location: 396 Concord, Pavarotti Room


Dates: Feb 1 - Jun 6

Piano Partners 3

Schedule: Wednesdays 5:45 - 6:45 PM

Location: 396 Concord, Pavarotti Room


Dates: Jan 29 - Jun 3