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Piano for Young Beginners

Age: Ages 4-5

Cost: Pre-Summer Virtual Class: $75 for 6 weeks

We’re offering a special pre-summer virtual class, running Thursday afternoons from April 23 – May 28! See class details and register below.


This class is perfect for young piano learners interested in learning the basic concepts of music, including rhythms, dynamics, direction of notes, white key names, and more!

In a small group setting, students will listen to each other and learn music fundamentals, through, singing, rhythm tapping, ear training, and keyboard performance. Kids can virtually see other friends and will work together and individually, taking their turn.

At this level, parent participation is required, but parents do not need to have any prior music education.

Students should have a keyboard or piano at home to complete weekly assignments.

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Pre-Summer Virtual Class

Schedule: Thursdays 4:00-4:45 PM

Location: Virtual Class


Dates: Apr 23 - May 28