Powers String Ensemble

Age: Suggested ages 7-14

Cost: 2023-2024 Full-year tuition $750 + $20 registration fee; 10% discount for Powers private lesson students

Audition Required

Students hoping to join the Powers String Ensemble for the 2023-2024 season will audition either in-person, or by submitting an audition video on a rolling basis. See all audition details below!

The Powers String Ensemble helps students build skills in both musicianship and leadership – to be their very best selves onstage and offstage.

Different from more competitive ensembles or orchestra programs, the String Ensemble, led by Conductor Noah Dresser, is kept small so each student shines. We ask students to aim for a higher level of growth and mastery and to really “own” their parts. No one gets lost in the shuffle!

We focus on building character, leadership, and teamwork in addition to the musical skills necessary for performing works at the highest caliber. Each season, we explore a wide array of music from Baroque, Classical, and Romantic to Contemporary and Popular styles. Students will also learn good rehearsal etiquette and the communicative and interpersonal skills vital to becoming leaders in the classroom, the rehearsal room, and beyond.

Individual attention and a challenging yet nurturing environment make the Powers String Ensemble a unique and unforgettable experience for young musicians.

This ensemble runs full-year and performs twice each year – once in the fall semester and a final spring concert in May. Weekly Saturday rehearsals (currently 1:00 – 2:30 pm) begin in September and continue until the final concert.


Placement Auditions for the 2023-2024 Season!

Auditions are in-person on specific dates, and ongoing by video submission.

Audition Dates / Options:

  • In-person, August 26
  • In-person, August 27
  • Online (submit a YouTube video)

Audition process for new string ensemble students:

Please read our audition requirements below to prepare for your audition and then submit an audition form here. If you are auditioning online, please be sure to include a link to your audition video on YouTube:

Schedule your audition

Once we have received your audition form, a staff member will contact you to notify you about your audition time (if in-person) or about acceptance and placement (if auditioning online).

Video Audition Requirements:

  • Two major scales, one octave
  • One piece of music the student has recently studied

Onsite Audition Requirements:

  • Must be able to read music and have been playing for at least one year (typically studying at a level equivalent to Suzuki Book 3 or higher)
  • One 2-octave scale of your choice
  • Two contrasting pieces of your choice
  • Sight-reading

Registration for accepted & continuing students

Use the class registration buttons below to access ASAP, our online registration site (you will be asked to create an account) and register. Your payment will include the $20 fall or spring registration fee and full tuition for the Powers String Ensemble program, unless a payment plan has been arranged.

Have you received financial aid or want to set up a payment plan? Please call the Registrar to make sure we have correctly processed your registration and any applicable changes in tuition.