Age: Ages teens though adults. All beginners welcome!

Cost: $275 per semester + $20 registration fee

You’ve always been envious of your friends who can effortlessly pick up and strum an instrument at school, at parties, or around the house. You feel like you could do the same, if only learning music wasn’t so expensive, time-consuming, or demanding.

Meet the ukulele. This fun, trendy instrument is perfect for beginners (and all skill levels!). You can easily learn how to play some chords and melodies in a relaxed group setting without being “music literate.” And the ukulele is small enough to take with you anywhere!

Our beginner ukulele class gives you a fun, informal learning environment that takes the pressure right off. Instructor Tev Stevig will show you the basics, give you some videos and materials to help you make progress and continue learning at home, and teach you some songs to play together as a ukulele ensemble.

Not too much time, not too much money, and not too complicated. Sign up now for this beginning ukulele class and you’ll be strumming away for your friends in no time!

Use the link below to contact us if you are interested in this class.

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