At Powers, a supportive, passionate community is what we’re all about. We encourage all students ages 9 and above to join one of the ensembles below! 

Ensembles are a key part of your journey towards your individual goals. You’ll learn how to better communicate and work with others, how to adapt and push through challenges, and how to push yourself and take risks with the support of people who really “get it.”

Ensemble groups of 2-8 players are small enough to allow you to take ownership of your part and really shine. Your ideas and musical opinions are equally important and help shape the ensemble to become the best it can be.

We offer a number of different types of ensembles here at Powers. We’ll do our best to place you with students of similar abilities, ages, and interests so you feel comfortable and excited to get started! Click on whichever ensemble you’re interested in below to learn more:

In addition to these, it’s easy to create any kind of ensemble you can imagine if there is enough interest from students of similar ages and abilities. What would you like to create? Tell us here.

Most ensembles meet when the instructor and students are both available, and are flexible enough to allow you to participate in an ensemble even with an already packed schedule.