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The first things you’ll talk about in a voice lesson or class at Powers are your goals – what would you like to achieve? Reach your top notes more easily? Feel more confident performing for friends and family? Have four songs ready to record for a college audition? We can help with those.

Our voice department focuses on helping you improve and develop your “whole voice,” understanding how it works, building strong, flexible vocal cords through exercise (just like any sport!), increasing your range, and creating a blended sound between low and high notes.

But voice lessons don’t just improve your singing. You’ll learn about diction, projection, focus, memorization, and communication skills too – all things that will help you along the path towards any goal you choose.

Whether your child is ready for lessons yet depends on their current ability, experience, and interest. Our instructors can help you figure out whether a group class or private lessons will benefit your son or daughter the most.

Private voice lessons for teens are self-directed – our teachers act as mentors, introducing them to a repertoire that is age and voice-appropriate, then let them lead the way and choose what most interests them. They’ll gain confidence and a diverse skill set, become more well-rounded, and even prepare for college or conservatory programs, if they choose.

Come sing with us this year and let your voice be heard.

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