Teens at Powers Music School


Being a teenager is exciting…and hard. You try to carve out time and space for yourself, but all around you there is schoolwork to get done, college (or a conservatory?) to think about, and a packed schedule of activities every weekend.

We hope Powers becomes the place where you can feel most like yourself…

Where you walk in the hallway and see your good friends. 

Where you sit down with your instrument and learn how to use your own musical voice. 

Where you have the creative freedom to learn what you want to learn and pursue the things you’re passionate about.

Whether you’re preparing for a recital, MMEA Districts, a college application, or your own personal goal, we hope you’ll turn to your teachers, coaches, and friends at Powers for inspiration, guidance, and support.

Private lessons, music theory, creative ability development, or the chamber music program will give you the skills and values you’ll need on your journey. Explore new music with an appalachian dulcimer class. Or try out some creative ideas in one of our many ensembles!

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

Tell us what you’re interested in!