Plucked Strings

If you’re enthusiastic about learning something new and are ready to explore, you’ll find a home with the plucked strings department.

Through Suzuki guitar or traditional private lessons, you’ll focus on learning to trust your ears just as much as your eyes. Knowing how your instrument works, how music feels and sounds, and music theory concepts all give you the confidence to experiment and try things on your own. Adults can try Intro to Guitar or Appalachian Dulcimer!

Our instructors teach lessons for traditional instruments and styles like classical, rock, and jazz guitar, but also for a large range of plucked string instruments and techniques like makam, the bağlama, oud, fretless guitar, Bulgarian tambura, clawhammer, and more.

Want to go further? With enough interest, we can create any type of ensemble you like – harp, classical guitar, rock, folk, or even Celtic.

Jump in and give it a try!

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Other Plucked Strings Opportunities

Watch for special one-time workshops at our Fall or Spring Workshop Week to try out some unique instruments for yourself!