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Your preschooler has been banging on the keys of your piano before dinner every night. Or you yourself are hoping to “tickle the ivories” again after many years. This beautiful instrument can lead you to many years of music, or even act as a stepping stone to another instrument.

During the enrollment process, we’ll match you or your child with a faculty member whose teaching style and personality are a good fit for you. You’ll listen to different types of piano music and learn how to understand them. You’ll choose music that you love, then your teacher will help you figure out how to play it by breaking it down into manageable steps.

Each year, piano lesson students can perform in Powers’ founding event, the Mildred Freiberg Piano Festival for grades K-12. When you feel comfortable, chamber ensembles or creative ability development are a great way to learn skills you may not build in lessons, like cueing, eye contact, leadership, and learning how to play your instrument alongside others. The annual Stein Chamber Music Festival is the perfect place to let your ensemble (and new ensemble skills!) shine.

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Group piano classes like Piano Powers for Kids teach basic foundational skills like pitch, melody, rhythm, music notation symbols, and how to play and care for a piano or keyboard. In some of our group classes, parents learn too!