Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Age: Ages 3-7

Cost: Summer Semester - $175 ($160 tuition + $15 registration fee).

Summer session starts June 29! Scroll down to the purple section for dates and times.

If you hope your child might one day want to play an instrument, or if you’d love to give her a good grasp of and appreciation for music, Dalcroze Eurhythmics classes are a good way to draw out the rhythm already inside of her.

Started in 1886 and still backed by scientific research today, Dalcroze Eurhythmics is a proven method for teaching young kids what music is, how it sounds, how it moves through the body, and how it’s pictured in notation. A fancy way to say “good rhythm,” Eurhythmics involves using your whole body as an instrument, listening to the music that’s playing, and matching the rhythms you hear by walking, clapping, dancing, gestures, and more.

Each class incorporates singing, playing, improvisation, instruments, games, and listening activities, as well as exposure to multicultural and other kinds of music. Students learn to concentrate better, strengthen language skills and motor skills, understand melody and harmony, and gain the confidence to try new things.

Now is a great time to help your son or daughter become more creative, expressive, focused, and passionate about music of all kinds.

Music Friends (age 3)

Parent participation required

This class is about learning basic musical skills – breathing, silence, attention, and waiting for your turn – through playing, singing, and body movement. Children are exposed to playing rhythmic (various percussion instruments) and melodic instruments (xylophone, glockenspiel, and handbells) to develop fine and gross motor skills. Active listening games will be used to stimulate children’s listening skills and expand their musical ear in all activities. Children and parents will participate in playful social activities such as partner games, taking turns around a circle, and call-and-response games.

Sing and Move and Play (ages 4-5)

Parent participation NOT required

This class focuses on developing a child’s musical ability to follow and interpret graphic symbols that represent sounds and musical concepts. Activities include improvisation and composition. Dalcroze’s unique notation helps children to explore how musical sounds transform into graphic symbols and vice versa while assisting them in being imaginative in creating sounds. Children’s voices, bodily responses, and instrumental activities will keep them stimulated as they acquire musical knowledge which is beneficial in formal instrumental and ensemble training.

Eurhythmics Plus (Kindergarten to Age 7)

The next step in your child’s journey

Don’t just make music, be music. Using imagery and imagination, we feel the way quarter notes walk and how whole notes fill space and time. We discover what forte and piano (loud and soft) feel like and the unique qualities of major versus minor music and tonic versus dominant chords.

In addition to experiencing and learning through movement, we apply what we are learning to singing and instrument exploration. There are several Eurhythmics Plus options to choose from. Each class includes a Eurhythmics component as well as a “plus” component. Class size is limited to 6 children.

Eurhythmics Plus Piano

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of piano playing. Topics covered include proper posture and hand position, finger numbers, keyboard geography, simple improvisation, and simple duet playing. A piano or electric keyboard is needed at home for practicing assignments.

Eurhythmics Plus Recorder

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of recorder playing. Topics include instrument care, proper posture, breath control, embouchure, fingering, and tonguing. A materials fee included with tuition provides each student with their own recorder to practice with at home and bring to class each week.


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Music Friends

Schedule: Sat 9:00 - 9:45 AM

Location: 160 Lexington - Concert Hall


Dates: Jun 29 - Aug 3

Sing and Move and Play

Schedule: Sat 9:45 - 10:30 AM

Location: 160 Lexington - Concert Hall


Dates: Jun 29 - Aug 3