individualized music lessons

Why Powers?

All the best musicians started with a goal.

You have a goal too – to play your favorite song, to be as good as the other students in your class, to be accepted into a conservatory program, to play alongside your son or granddaughter.

You might be thinking, is it worth the cost, the weekly battle in rush hour traffic to get to lessons, and the packed schedule?

Yes! Imagine how proud you’ll feel when you or your child steps onto the stage and plays those first few notes. Picture all of the hard work and frustrations melting away with the first haunting chords on the piano, or the energy in the room as that fiddle tune begins. 

For that moment, it’s absolutely worth it.

Our staff, faculty, and everyone at Powers are here to help you get started as soon as you’re ready. We know the first step takes courage, but together we can make it happen.

Ready to start your journey?

Tell us about yourself


At Powers, we believe…

…that everyone deserves to experience the joy of music, and that it is essential to our lives.

…that everyone learns differently. With a range of programs to choose from, guidance from our friendly, trained instructors, and a customized approach to learning based on your unique challenges, talents, and skills, we know you can reach your goal.

…that community, compassion, curiosity, creativity, and commitment lift us up and bring us together.

We encourage you to reach further than you thought you could and to connect with others through private lessons, ensembles, orchestra, group classes, performances, festivals, and our community events. We hope the music you play and the community you share it with will bring you joy now and throughout your entire life.


Our Mission

Powers Music School provides the community with access to the highest caliber of music education programs, a nurturing and talented faculty, and outreach programs that foster a lifelong appreciation of music. Powers offers superior instruction and performance opportunities for interested students of all ages, in the belief that everyone has the potential to participate in, enjoy, create, and develop a lasting love of music.