Two girls rehearse cello in Music on the Hill summer camp

Summer at Powers

We’re curious… what does summer mean to your family?

Do you whip out the bugspray and sunscreen, ready for your next adventure? Or do you pull out the list of things you wish you’d done during the year?

Summer at Powers is flexible, fun, and open to whatever your family wants to achieve. It’s a great time to experiment and explore, or to go deeper into music you’ve been wanting to work on for ages. It’s also a time for friendship. Some of the people you meet during the warmer months might become good friends who stick with you during the year.

We offer a more relaxed version of traditional private lessons and the Suzuki program, a number of early childhood group classes, and six full-day programs for a range of interests and abilities.

Want to try a new instrument? Learn fiddle? Introduce your toddler to music? Perfect that passage you’ve been struggling with? We can help you do any, or all, of those.

Make this the summer you say yes.