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Teaching is a life-long passion of Vladimir Gurin. He began his career as a teacher of a number of courses including Piano, Theory, Ear Training, Harmony, History of Music, Choir Conducting, Chamber Ensembles, Music in Theater and Cinema, and others at the College of the Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia.

After moving to the United States in 1991, he worked as a pianist at Boston Ballet and a piano instructor at Powers Music School. Later, he enjoyed teaching piano and music theory at Groton Hill (formerly known as Indian Hill) Music Center, Brooks School, and Groton School. He also taught Keyboard Harmony at Boston
Conservatory at Berklee.

Vladimir believes that studying music should be a joyful experience and that humor and a warm atmosphere are as necessary as working on the development of technical and artistic abilities. He also thinks that studying the elements of music theory facilitates the learning of new pieces. His repertoire includes pieces of different styles – from Baroque and Classical to Modern — however, he feels that classical music is the foundation for every piano student. He enjoys teaching young beginners through advanced adult students.