Kay Jang

Hwakyung (Kay) Jang


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Cellist Hwakyung Jang, a native of South Korea, has performed throughout the United States of America and Korea. Ms. Jang received a bachelor’s and a master’s degrees in Music Performance from Manhattan School of Music under the guidance of Professor Marion Feldman with scholarships. She also received doctorate degree of Musical Arts from Boston University under the tutelage of Professor Michael Reynolds.

Dr. Jang was the first prize recipient of Barbara Krakauers Award from Associated Music Teachers League, Inc. Moreover, she won the Young Musician competition and had a privilege of performing at Weill Carnegie Hall in New York City. She played “A Tribute to Pablo Cassals Cello Collaboration” directed by Marta Cassals Istomin and Bonnie Hampton. Dr. Jang also performed under the direction of Richard Aaron, Youngchang Cho, Anita Leuzinger and Richard Tunnicliffe at master classes.

She is not only an internationally renowned soloist, but also an active member in various orchestras. She performed in Haffner Sinfonietta, New England Repertory Orchestra. Dr. Jang also participated in Kurt Masur’s conducting seminars and orchestra performances.

Dr. Jang is the founder of V.I.E.W foundation (Visual art, Instrumental music, Eye and ears, Witness and testify) that encourages local artists and embraces communities. She has been a cellist of Boston Ensemble Soloists since 2017. Also, Dr. Jang recently joined the string faculty at Western Wyoming Community College and Powers Music School.