Powers is moving!

“When I walk in the space, I get a little emotional. It’s like, Powers finally has a home.”

– Gavin Farrell, Executive Director


We’re thrilled to share that Powers Music School will be moving to a new facility on November 28th!

The move will enable Powers to house all of its classes, lessons and performances under one roof – with spacious studios and plentiful free parking. It’s an ideal space that will give us room to grow and better serve our community well into the future.

Says Gavin, “In our new home, students will immediately hear a difference in how they sound. Large rooms and high ceilings help music breathe. As the sound reverberates, teachers will also get a more complete picture of their students’ progress.”

In the halls, the gym, the studios, here is a place where we can make music together.


Initial renovations gave most of the inside a facelift and subdivided the large classrooms into individual studios to transform the space into one that’s ideal for learning, teaching, and enjoying music.

The costs of that transformation included $275,000 in construction, design and decor, and new signage, in addition to moving costs to bring all of Powers’ pianos, instruments, and supplies into the new space.

This is a unique and extraordinary opportunity for you and all of Powers’ supporters to not only cover the costs of renovating and moving, but giving new life to a beautiful building that will welcome so many inside.

Our Special Appeal this season relies on gifts of all sizes – from leadership gifts to small donations. The impact of a gift this fall is huge – imagine more ensembles, more classes, more concerts, more joy, more room to breathe!

Use the donation form below to help build and solidify the new space! Together we can make this house a real home.

FAQs about the move

Why is Powers moving?

We learned this past spring that one of our three current leases would not be renewed. In May, when we learned that the building at 160 Lexington was available, we felt it was a significant improvement over our current spaces and could serve as a great home for many years to come.

Where is Powers moving to?

Our new address will be 160 Lexington Street, Belmont, MA 02478, just 7 minutes away from our current location on Concord Avenue! This building was formerly home to Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay. Adventures Day Care also occupies the basement level of our new space.

When will the move happen?

Classes and lessons will begin at our new home on November 28th! Until then we are still using our facilities on Concord Ave. 

Will there be parking?

Yes! The new location comes with a large free parking lot. No more struggling to maneuver or find a space!

What about students who currently walk to Powers?

We know the move will change routines for many families. For some, it will be less convenient than our current space, while for others, the move will bring Powers closer. Given the challenge of finding any suitable real estate in Belmont, we felt the benefits of 160 Lexington far outweighed the minuses. The new building is the same distance from Chenery as we are now and one mile further away from the high school.


  • Fall 2021 – Winter 2022:  Initial renewal conversations with current lease holders. Survey of available alternatives in Belmont.
  • Spring 2022: We learned that the lease at 396 Concord will not be renewed. Conversations with existing lease holders about alternatives within their facilities began.
  • May 2022: We learned that property at 160 Lexington Street was available for lease.
  • May-July 2022: Conversations with architect, contractors and code consultants over the scope of work needed to make Powers a suitable space for the foreseeable future.
  • Late July 2022: Building permits issued and new lease signed.
  • August 2022: 396 Concord Avenue vacated. Teaching facilities move to 404 Concord (First Church Parish Hall). Second floor offices move to 160 Lexington Street.
  • September 2022: Classes and lessons begin at current facilities.
  • Late Fall 2022-Early Winter 2023: Classes and lessons moved to 160 Lexington Street.