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Powers student Anna Zaniolo

Anna Zaniolo

I was finally excited about playing the instrument that I had picked for myself. Anna Zaniolo

Anna Zaniolo, oboe student of Mary Cicconetti, found inspiration for her musical journey by pursuing an instrument she truly loves. Here’s how she tells her story…

“Before learning to play the oboe, I played piano for about four years. However, I was never really very excited about playing the piano. In fifth grade I asked my mom if I could try a different instrument. We met with a band teacher who let me try the flute, clarinet, trumpet, oboe, and even the violin. After trying all the different instruments, I realized that blowing through the oboe’s double reed felt the easiest. I was finally excited about playing the instrument that I had picked for myself (the piano had been my mom’s idea). Now we only needed to find a teacher with whom I could connect with.

At Powers, I met Mary Cicconetti. My mom and I all loved her the minute we met her. Mary is sweet, patient, and a very experienced teacher who knows and understands her students well, and is an outstanding musician. I have had the opportunity to see Mary perform and I was very inspired by her amazing talent.

In the four years that I have been learning the oboe with Mary, I have tried to be responsible and dedicated. I was excited about playing the oboe and being part of a band or orchestra. Last school year I was able to accomplish some things. In the spring, I auditioned and participated at the Junior Festival – MMEA Eastern District Orchestra. The rehearsals were intense, but playing with so many talented kids was really a great experience for me. Around the same time, the Lexington Middle School Select Band won a Gold Medal in the MICCA festival. I was about to conclude 8th Grade and had to audition for a band at the High School. I was accepted into the Lexington High School Concert Band as a freshman and I have a lot to thank Mary for.”

Says Anna’s mom, Cynthia Pfeiffer…

“When Anna was young, I took her to see Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf.” It was a puppet performance with a wonderful orchestra. I could tell she immediately feel in love with the duck and the sound of the oboe. I hope one day I’ll get to see her performing her favorite orchestra part!”