Faculty Concert Series

Date: Friday, November 17, 2023
Time: 7:00pm
Location: 160 Lexington St (Concert Hall)

Powers faculty member Tev Stevig and guest Michael K. Harrist perform original works for tanbur, oud, Afghan rabab, saz, and ethnic bowed strings, influenced by various modal music traditions of the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent, as well as early Turkish classical works from the book of Kantemir.

Because this music is modal, the harmonic complexity we are so used to hearing in Western music is replaced by melodic and rhythmic complexity, which is equally compelling to Western listeners. These sounds have a timeless quality to them that translates to any audience that is curious enough to listen.

“Contemporary modal music is a term coined by master musician Ross Daly to describe music from, or inspired by, modal traditions as far west as Morocco and as far east as western China and everywhere in between. One of the things I find so compelling about contemporary modal music is the variety of sounds that come from these traditions, most of which have very little to do with Western classical music. For Western audiences, music from these traditions will sound new and interesting. But these traditions also provide a framework for us to compose new pieces outside of the Western classical tradition that are unique and take advantage of not being shackled by the conventions of Western harmony.”
— Tev Stevig

Performer Bios:

Tev Stevig is a Boston-based musician and educator whose work with contemporary modal music, traditional styles from the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, and other Eastern modal traditions prompted the New York Music Daily to call him, “one of the world’s most brilliantly individualistic guitarists.” He composes and performs on a variety of plucked string instruments from around the world, appearing in venues across North America and Europe. Tev’s solo release, Jeni Jol: Music of the Balkans, Greece, and Turkey garnered universal praise from critics, with the Boston Globe commenting, “he initiates something new by connecting and combining seemingly disparate cultures,” and was one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s best albums of 2013.

Tev is an active member of the Labyrinth Ensemble in Toronto, Çeşni Duo/Trio, Orchestrotica, Czarna Wolgastar, Klezwoods, and the Late Risers. He has studied contemporary modal music with Ross Daly, Harris Lambrakis, Evgenios Voulgaris, Murat Aydemir, Yasamin Shahhosseini, Cihan Turkoğlu, Giorgios Xylouris, Christos Zotos, George Ruckert, and Efrén Lopez.

Instagram: @tstevig

Facebook: /tevstevig

YouTube: /tevstevig

Website: www.tevstevig.com

Michael K. Harrist is a New York City-based multi-instrumentalist and educator, specializing in contrabass and yaylı tanbur.  Michael works in a wide array of traditions, most notably Ottoman court music, Turkish folk music, Jazz, Western Classical music, North Indian music, and American roots music. Michael has concertized across the Americas, Europe, and Asia with various ensembles including Labyrinth Ontario Ensemble, Ameranouche, Çeşni Trio, Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma, Orchestrotica, Capillary Action, and Mitos Orchestra. He is the artistic director of Halcyon Arts New England and maintains a robust teaching studio.  A disciple of W. A. Mathieu, Michael has also studied under Ross Daly, Melisa Yildirim, Ramesh Mishra, George Ruckert, Suhail Yusuf Khan, Fred Stubbs, and Evgenios Voulgaris.

The concert will be in the Concert Hall, up the stairs under the large purple awning, at 160 Lexington Street, Belmont, MA 02478 at 7:00. Parking is available in front of the building or in the lot on the corner of Lexington and Beech Street.

These concerts are open to anyone who would like to come, there is a suggested donation to attend that can be made online or at the door.