Irish Sessions with Ellery

Join Powers instructor Ellery Klein each month for these fun traditional Irish music sessions! Irish music learners of all abilities are encouraged to come one Friday a month to learn some tunes and play together.

Ellery will begin each session by teaching the group a new “Tune of the Month” – a jig, reel, slide, polka, hornpipe or air (slower tune). The rest of the session will work off a common tune list, as well as any special Irish tune requests from you or other attendees.

Click here to see the common tune list for this session.

Click here to see the tune list on a YouTube playlist.

Sessions will be held at 7:00 on the second Friday of each month at Powers unless otherwise noted. Check the website for upcoming session dates, and feel free to just show up! RSVPs are encouraged so we can let you know about any changes to the schedule. You can sign up for as many sessions as you like! To keep this program running, we ask for a suggested donation of $20 at the door.


– January 20th at 8:00
– February 10th at 7:00
– March 10th at 7:00
– April 7th at 7:00
– May 12th at 7:00
– June 9th at 7:00

Who should come?
Everyone is welcome! If you don’t know a tune, sitting back and listening is encouraged, as is quietly trying to catch a few notes, or recording on your phone.

What instruments are best for Irish music?
Traditionally, Irish music has been played on fiddle, pipes, wooden flute, whistle, button/ piano accordion or concertina, and the harp. Guitar and bouzouki have become common in the last decades. Cellos and violas are welcome to this session but should have the technical ability to play higher positions, or know they might need to play down the octave. If you play a silver flute, or other woodwind/brass instrument, it’s encouraged to purchase an inexpensive D whistle to learn the melodies on and gain familiarity with the tradition.

Email Ellery with any questions at