Fiddling on the Hill

Fiddling on the Hill

Age: Ages 9-14 (CITs ages 15-18)

Cost: $525

July 22-26, 2019

Fiddling on the Hill is a full day, one week strings camp for violin, viola, and cello students ages 9-14 (and CITs ages 15-18). Students will explore the challenging fun of fiddle and “new string” styles, learning music by ear, improvising, arranging, and composing their own music.

Why fiddle?
“Fiddling” allows players to grow musically in new ways, introducing and developing skills they might not experience in a traditional classical or orchestral setting, such as:

  • Learning by ear and by reading sheet music
  • Improvising and taking creative risks
  • Finding and using rhythm and “groove”
  • Understanding chord progressions underlying the melody
  • Group playing that emphasizes collaboration, arranging, and harmonies
  • Singing
  • Crafting a sense of individual style and expression
  • Building the foundations for a lifetime of music playing and musical friendships within the vibrant and thriving Boston area fiddling community… and beyond!

Who can fiddle?
We welcome all violin, viola, or cello students ages 9-14. Participants should have been playing for one year or more, feel ready to learn a few new tunes in the span of a week, and be excited to try something new! Whether you’ve been fiddling for years or just want to see what it’s all about, there’s something for you!

A CIT program is available for fiddlers 15-18 who wish to assist with the younger classes. CITs will have the opportunity to perform in an advanced ensemble directed by one of our teachers.

What will the week be like?
Our renowned instructors will spend a week working with young fiddlers and violinists, cellists and viola players to hone the skills that allow creative freedom, innovative playing, and fun!

Mornings will be spent learning repertoire and styles such as Scottish, Irish, and American folk traditions. After a break for lunch, the afternoon will be spent on elective class choices and outdoor or free time. We end the day working in our ensembles, where we take what we’ve learned, flesh it out, arrange it, add some spice, and make it sing!

Cello and viola students will learn tunes alongside their fiddle/violin friends and also have a class or two focusing more on the style of cello and violas playing traditional and fiddle music.

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